Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So our Disneyland annual passes are almost about to expire and I must say that we've had great trips to Disneyland this year; the passes have gotten good useage from us. Hunter was able to meet Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Mr. Incredible, McQueen, Mater, and plenty of others.

We watched him grow from his very first visit and knowing only Mickey and being shorter than 40", to just this past weekend to knowing ALL of the characters, and riding some rides that would turn even an adult's stomach.

On our first trip last March, Hunter saw "Star Tours", a ride that has "robots" in the lineup and he was bound and determined to go on the ride. (Unfortunately, all riders must be a minimum of 40".) I have never seen a child eat vegetables so eagerly! Once he hit 40", it was over. He experienced new rides he didn't know existed. He rode "Star Tours", "Big Thunder Mountian", "Matterhorn", "Space Mountain", and even put 10 year olds to shame, riding "Tower of Terror" - an elevator-type ride that brings you up 13 stories, then drops you to the floor a few times.

Still, a year later, his favorite ride is "Buzz Lightyear". He likes to "shoot Zurg"! I have posted a few photos of our many trips. Enjoy!


benjamin said...

Isn't he adorable... haha.

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